Sunday, February 3, 2013

Somewhat Off-Topic: D&D

So you might have noticed that I hadn't updated in a few weeks.  This is due to multiple factors, mostly that I work in a different division on the ship with only 1 computer and my new job consists of cleaning fireplugs and checking watertight doors.

That being said, I've been pouring over the books we recently got for Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Essentials.  I know lots of people don't like it, but I think it's a great way to engage in collective storytelling and further enhance my craft with the help of fledgling storytellers who think they're about to just wail on some goblin meat and live to tell the tale.  Little do they realize (until the next day) that living to tell the tale is the best part.

In fact, it was reading D&D Monster Vault that I came up with my better idea for the end of Capeless: Volume I, where the Puppetmaster becomes a Lich, instead of whatever-it-was-he-was-going-to-do.  It's a really rich book full of tons of good info.  Also, talking to my friend Will really helped me figure out what it is that necromancers want, especially what they would want with a demon.  By the way, yes, I plan on making 3 volumes.  Once the first one is done.  And I can find a publisher.  And it sells enough copies to justify my time.  Which is an undetermined amount.

So anyway, I'm making a story about the Feywild for a little bit, at least until I can come up with a skeleton for it.

I updated because a couple of days ago my friend Cody called me up and said that he loved my blog and thought I should keep it up.  Thanks for the encouragement, bro, and I love you.


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