Monday, January 21, 2013

Conflict : Tony

Another entry in my Conflict studies to improve the quality of the script.  This has spoilers, so if you don't want to be surprised, skip this post.

Antonio (Anthony/Tony) Silk/ The Puppetmaster

Internal Conflicts
  • Tony wants to be with Ruth, but his position as CEO of the company she works at makes it difficult from a professional standpoint.
  • Tony wants to succeed, but his father's voice is always in his head, telling him he'll never be good enough.  This tends to make him push himself to higher and higher aspirations.
  • Tony wants to live forever, but he considers his eternity forfeit based on the life he leads.  Therefore, he tries to circumvent his mortal limitations manually by becoming a lich.

Interpersonal conflicts
Tony wants to be with Ruth.
  • The Demon doesn't think she can be trusted, and now doesn't trust Tony.  The demon has seen what people would do for love, and it disgusts him.  He will tempt Tony with power, and torment him until he ultimately fails.
Tony wants to control the world.
  • Shift wants to fight the forces of evil.  She will do everthing she can and call upon all resources she has available to make him fail.
  • The Order of the Absolute wants to remain in their position of power in the world.  They will withdraw their support from him and pull strings in the background, then watch him destroy himself.

External Conflicts
This one should be obvious.  The Puppetmaster seeks to become a lich and rule the world with armies of undead.  With the help of Ultu Ulla Xul, he will perform his ritual and rule the world as supreme potentate.  The world, of course, will not accept this, and is filled with forces that will stop at nothing to bring him down.

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