Saturday, January 19, 2013

Conflict studies: Ruth

My goal: To make at least 3 internal conflicts, 3 interpersonal conflicts on at least 1 goal, and one external conflict for every main character.  In addition, I want to create at least one conflict of any kind for other characters.

Ruth Grey

Internal Conflicts
  • Ruth wants to be somewhat famous, like a TV anchor or personality, but she really prefers comfort to excitement and risk.
  • Ruth is attracted to powerful, older men, but she throws herself into her relationships without looking. 
  • Ruth wants to be appreciated, even admired, but doesn't feel like she really deserves it, and detects something is missing.
  • Ruth wants a good relationship with God, but she thinks she can bargain with Him, and doesn't really have a right relationship with Him yet.
Interpersonal Conflict
  • Ruth wants to live a normal, peaceful life.
    • The demon Ultu Ulla Xul wants world domination, thus putting everyone on the planet's lives in chaos.  He will make a deal with the Puppetmaster to garner as many souls and wreak as much havoc as possible.
    • Tony wants Ruth to go out on a limb and take risks.  He will pull strings to get her more opportunities at work that require more responsibility and give her more face time with higher-ups. 
    • Ruth's mother's idea of Ruth living a normal, peaceful life is Ruth moving back in with her, so she can take care of her.  She will call her and try to tell her that the world is big and scary, and that she should come home.
External Conflict

Ruth wants to live a normal, peaceful life, but a demon wants the blood of her superhero roommate, KateRuth doesn't even know Kate is a superhero.  Being a superhero has a lot of disadvantages, especially for those you love, and Kate's moonlighting eventually hurts those she loves.  
Ruth also is dating a man who, unbeknownst to her, is a necromancer who is assisting the demon.  With the help of Kate, Ruth will end up using her backdoor access to the demon to interrupt the ritual that will make her boyfriend and his demon supreme rulers of Earth.  If they fail, the world as we know it will be a literal living hell.
In a conversation about these conflicts with my wife, she said to me, "Seems like she doesn't look deeply into things.  She's satisfied with appearances, or at least, she thinks she is."
I replied, "That's how Capeless can happen. If she took the time to dig deep into things, she'd have a healthy, rich relationship with her best friend, and Kate would have felt comfortable opening up to her.  If Ruth was mature enough, she could even save their friendship after the inevitable fall-out that Kate would initiate after getting too close."  If I hadn't talked about it with her, I might not have realized this.  Kudos, babe.  I love you.

This is how I know I'm on the right track with this conflict thing.  Ruth's desires and the forces against her created the plot I'd already designed.

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