Monday, February 11, 2013

NPC's and Comics

Editing my script tonight (again) to reflect the new changes in the villain.  Once this is done, I'll have a better idea of how the story is going to end.  I'm basically having problems coming up to the final battle, and can't decide if it's going to be a TV show or a radio show.

I'm thinking it could be one of those televised radio shows, like Imus or whatever his name is.  It would be easier to make a cool battle in a crowded building with TV cameras and stuff, and give me an opportunity to recycle characters. 

If there's anything I've learned from DnD, it's make the battles matter to the characters, and recycle your supporting cast to make more believable, rich, and interesting worlds.  Instead of meeting new people everywhere you go, creating a huge and shallow cast of characters, you create more interest with recurring characters.

If I make it in the TV studio, I get to recycle all the characters I introduced in Act 1 of the novel.  Also, I can make it more personal because it's where she works, and we Americans are very closely tied with that.

The more I think of it, as an urban fantasy, Capeless is very much like a solo quest for an RPG.  I think this makes it good, because I used to think that Capeless was a whole lot like Twilight (barf).

Good Night.

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